Case Study on Impact of COVID19 on outsourcing industry

From 2019 to 2020, 63 countries in the world are into the BPO industry. UAE being the most prominent outsourcing country, they have the most robust companies like Royal Global Services, Inc., Cupola Group, Raya Contact Centre. Followed by Laos, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia. Many new countries are emerging into the outsourcing domain as they find the proven results from the existing ones.

With the rise of remote work that was not tested for BPO industry, training and development was a major concern. With the rise of freelancing platforms and more independent people or contract based people, it was made possible even to collaborate in a team on remote platforms. Any Desk, Skype, Virtual Assistants, Google Meet, Zoom meetings have grown by leaps and bounds in the period of complete work from home. From this, a new culture of remote work or work from home is setting in and it is here to stay for a while.

The customer support group of the BPO industry had seen a fall during the times of absolute lockdown however, the ITES group with options of live proctoring of examinations have noticed a rise. Telesales have not been stopped as it was dedicated to freelance people with targets. However, sales was affected when the times were extremely critical.

With the improved safety measures and a hope for a vaccine of corona virus, the lockdown has been eased but risk of getting infected is still there. Many people lost their jobs and many had to switch. Remote work is definitely not a cup of everybody’s tea but, for some it brought an opportunity to rethink the strategies and re-forecast their goals. Some BPOs are thriving on the coronavirus situation because they sell or support something that is particular to the virus.

Everything can start fresh and scale exponentially. It is us who can coin on the opportunity or choose to get affected by it. Re-strategizing is the answer for loss recovery due to the pandemic.